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Meetings are one of the TOP3 stress factors in everyday working life: Put an end to it! Designing and facilitating meetings, workshops and trainings in an engaging, "brain-friendly" and interactive way is a key ingredient for participants to reflect on their own behavior, try out new behaviors and (want to) apply them in their daily lives. Sharon L. Bowman's "Training from the BACK of the Room (TBR)" course is one of the most popular train-the-trainer resources used by Scrum Masters, agile coaches and trainers worldwide.

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Julian Kea bietet regelmäßig den “Training from the BACK of the Room (TBR)” Practitioner Onsite- und Online-Kurs in deutscher und englischer Sprache an. 

During this course participants use content-independent, brain-based interactive strategies and six promising learning principles (also known as "6 Trumps"). Participants experience many short learning activities that are easy to implement and identify principles of brain research in practice. They design their own training session using the 4C Instructional Design Model and use a whole range of helpful trainer tricks.

Julian Kea has been a certified trainer for "Training from the BACK of the Room" (TBR-CT) since 2016 and co-developed the "Training from the BACK of the Room - Virtual Edition" course in 2020.

Julian Kea, MBA


Julian Kea is a Serious Games Facilitator and Team Coach from Berlin. He creates engaging learning environments with minds-on workshop methods such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Agile Classrooms, Thiagi's interactive training strategies, Open Space Technology, Liberating Structures and of course Training from the BACK of the Room. These enable teams to have an authentic conversation, promote mutual understanding, and strengthen teamwork.

In 2016, Julian Kea was trained by Sharon Bowman to be a certified trainer for Training from the BACK of the Room (TBR-CT). He developed the official Training from the BACK of the Room online course (TBR-VE) together with Sharon Bowman and 11 certified TBR trainers from the USA, the UK and the Netherlands. Julian Kea has been offering this online course in German and English since November 2020. His customers include teachers, freelance trainers, workshop facilitators, agile coaches, and executives from medium-sized businesses and corporations.

His mantra is „Rediscover Learning. Work Smarter.“

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"Ein tolles Tool, um Workshops zu entwickeln".
Anna Hoffmann, Innovation Manager, September 2019
"Highly recommended course!"
A.O., February 2021
"Lots of tools."
Participant, September 2019
"In-depth information on training design. "
Participant, September 2019
"Charismatic and skilled trainer."
Susanne Mühlbauer, Agile Coach, September 2019
"Great learning journey and highly recommend."
Isabelle Strigun, Consultant/Trainer/Scrum Master, December 2020
"The course helps you get better as a trainer."
Susanne Mühlbauer, Agile Coach, September 2019
"Learning by doing. 
Learning by exchange."
Participant, September 2019
"Many good, immediately applicable inspirations."
Susanne Mühlbauer, Agile Coach, September 2019
"Very well facilitated."
Mara, Innovation & Learning Designer, September 2019
"Helpful for everyone who facilitates training & workshops."
Markus Wissekal, Coach/Trainer, September 2019
"Sympathetic and highly appreciative trainer."
Susanne Mühlbauer, Agile Coach, September 2019
"Ich habe viele neue Dinge gelernt."
Participant, February 2020
"Diesen Kurs musst du unbedingt besuchen!"
A.S., Scrum Master, Workshop Designer & Facilitator, March 2021

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