I ❤ to debrief

The DebriefingCube

Get the most out of your simulations, interactions, learning games and exercises by enhancing your debriefing with this powerful tool. Each color represents a reflective perspective that can be explored by your participants with the corresponding question cards.

What is in it for you? Increase the value of your exercises, interactions, learning games and simulations by expanding your debriefing skills.

What is in it for your participants? The possibility to learn from the shared experiences and to initiate an improvement is increased.

We make #TheDebriefingCube available under a CC-BY license. It can be downloaded as a PDF from this page. Alternatively, you can order a printed set of cards with or without dice.

"Dialogue on an in-depth and intensive level."
Petra Warman, EU Trainerin, Juli 2019
"Really excellent work from Chris and Julian."
#TheDebriefingCube Nutzerin, Juni 2018
"This is raising the bar very high in terms of quality of a debrief."
#TheDebriefingCube Nutzer, September 2018
"Really powerful!!"
#TheDebriefingCube Nutzerin, Juni 2019

The history of #TheDebriefingCube

First idea

Chris and Julian discuss debriefing at the #play14 Timișoara at Nokia Campus.

July 2017

First Prototype

Chris and Julian present the first prototype at #play14 Luxembourg.

March 2018

We present the Wooden Box

The deck of cards will be delivered in a new handmade wooden box. The box is produced in the Zentrum AktionsRaum of the VIA Perspektiven gemeinnützige GmbH in Berlin

June 2019

#TheDebriefingCube Dutch CC-BY

Version 2.6 of #TheDebriefingCube in Dutch is released.

To the Dutch version 2.6 February 2020

#TheDebriefingCube Russian CC-BY

Version 2.6 of #TheDebriefingCube in Dutch is released.

To the Russian version 2.6 June 2020

#TheDebriefingCube English CC-BY

Version 2.6 of #TheDebriefingCube in English is released.

To the English version 2.6 August 2020

#TheDebriefingCube Deutsch CC-BY

Version 2.6 of #TheDebriefingCube in German is released.

Zur deutschen Version 2.6 August 2020

#TheDebriefingCube French CC-BY


Version 2.6 of #TheDebriefingCube in French is released.

To the French version 2.6 September 2020

Professor Game Interview

Julian & Chris are interviewed by Professor Game (aka Rob Alvarez Bucholska).

Listen to the interview Januar 2021

#TheDebriefingCube Spanish CC-BY


Version 2.6 of #TheDebriefingCube in Spanish is released.

To the Spanish version 2.6 Mai 2021

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